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Glass Rake Staircase Panel

Product Ref: SGP
Glass Rake Staircase Panel
Glass Rake Staircase Panel - Additional Image
Glass Rake Staircase Panel - Additional Image
Glass Rake Staircase Panel - Additional Image
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Staircase panel

Our glass panel system allows you to create the look of a stunning modern staircase at a realistic price.  Different shaped panels are used for the staircase and the landing.

The staircase panel sizes are:

  • 270mm wide
  • 900mm high

The staircase panel is preshaped to allow it to fit to any angle staircase.  Manufactured from a generous 8mm toughened safety glass, each staircase glass panel measures 270 wide.  An average straight flight will require 8 panels.  Each panel is precut to set your handrail at the correct 900mm high above the treads to meet UK building regulations.  The panels feature polished and radiused edges for safety.


For each panel you will also require two glass panel clamps in your choice of either brushed or chrome.

PDF's are available at the top of the page where you will be able to view fitting instructions etc.

So How Many Glass Panels Will I Need for My Stairs?

You will need to correct number of glass panels to ensure that when installed a 100mm ball cannot pass between the panels to comply with UK Building Regulations.  In most cases this means a gap between panels of approx 50mm (see image).

To help you work out what you need, please use our quick calculator below.  Measure the length of your staircase handrail in mm between the newel posts and then use the chart below to check how many panels you need.  Measure along the angled top of the handrail, not the horizontal distance the rail travels.

Please note that the quick calculator uses an average staircase angle of 42 degrees.  If you stairs are shallower you may need more panels, steeper and you may need less.   If you wish to calculate yourself, measure the horizontal distance and calculate using 270mm wide panels and max 50mm between panels.

Angled Handrail Length in mm  Staircase Panels
270 - 498 1
499-929 2
930-1359 3
1360-1790 4
1971-2221 5
2222-2651 6
2652-3082 7
3083-3513 8
3514-3943 9
3944-4374 10



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